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Often times, people are encouraged to file their own copyright registration application because it has a relatively easy, straightforward and cheap process. However, when it comes to trademark registration applications, it is a different ball game all together. This is because, filing for trademark is usually less straightforward, quite expensive, more complex and most of all, time-consuming.

Registering for a trademark application can be done in multiple stages. They include,

–    The initial stage which is the application process;

–    The examination stage: This is the stage where the application is examined by an attorney;

–    A possible non-final refusal stage that demands a response;

–    A possible final refusal stage that may require filing an appeal;

The mark will be publicized if the examining attorney does not refuse the application which comes with an opposition period. At any of these stages, the trademark registration application may be prevented via an opposition or a refusal.

 The Job of a Trademark Attorney

The services of a trademark attorney are invariably required when filing for trademark because the intellectual property law firms knows how and when to respond to an opposition or a refusal in a timely manner. Trademark registration application is a process that may likely not be familiar to even the most astute entrepreneur to respond efficiently to a refusal or an opposition.

Even if the entrepreneur may be conversant with the entire process and may even know how to effectively respond to a refusal or an opposition, time and money are two things he cannot avoid to play with. Instead of getting himself involved with the whims of the USPTO and its Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAM) rulings, he would prefer to get engaged with other things that would contribute to the development of his business.

An examining attorney is in charge of examining most trademark registration applications at the USPTO. This process could take about 3-4 months to complete after which the trademark may be approved by the examining attorney for official publication. Customarily, an “office action” will be issued by the examining attorney which would require a response. In most cases, the office actions usually come along with a refusal to register the mark.

 A Knowledgeable Trademark Lawyer Will Guide the Applicant from Making Erroneous Trademark Registration

What most people do not know is that an erroneous trademark registration application cannot be that easily corrected and in most cases, the applicant is obliged to start all over again with a new registration application after losing time and money. This is a common error that occurs when people try to file the trademark registration application all by themselves.

Usually, an applicant would prefer to fix a filed application instead of starting a new application so as to maintain primacy over any other succeeding trademark applications for a similar trademark.

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